The Outside General Counsel Subscription Plan starts at $100 per month and includes all of these services.


Wondering what the legal implications are of taking a certain action? Wondering what legal options you have to protect an asset or go after a competitor? Wondering what the proper structure is for your business? Call your outside general counsel and don’t worry, it’s part of your plan.

Official Correspondence Drafting

Need to send someone a strongly worded letter? Consider how much stronger it will be to have your outside general counsel draft that correspondence on law firm letterhead and send it to them. I’ll draft emails or send letters on your behalf when you need to renew a contract, ask someone to cease and desist, etc.

Document Review


The world of business may be conducted on a handshake but if you want to protect your business interests you always want your deals in writing. But how do you know if that legal stuff at the end of the contract isn’t going to screw you down the road? Send the document over to your outside general counsel. I’ll take a look at it and let you know if there are any red flags to worry about.



If we find something weird in the contracts you’ve been provided or if your new partners have a problem with the terms and conditions you are providing for them, have your outside general counsel negotiate on your behalf. People think twice before trying to pull one over on an attorney and just think how professional it sounds to be able to say “I’ll have my attorney get back to you about that.” 

Periodic Checkin

Busy working hard to operate your business to its fullest potential or just your busy season? Not to worry. Your outside general counsel will call or schedule a time with you to review your pending legal issues or discuss new ones that have arisen. I’ll bring your issues to the top of mind and take them off your plate.

File Retention

Don't you love it when some one asks you to dig something out of your files? Your outside general counsel will maintain a physical and digital file of your important documents. Then you can just email me when you need something.

Filing Reminders

If you have a business entity, you need to file annual reports. If you have a trademark you need to renew it. If you have a franchise, you need to renew your state registrations. Your outside general counsel will keep these important dates and remind you when the time comes.

Professional Referrals


Need a CPA to do your finances or a book keeper to do keep your records? Have a law suit filed against you and need defense counsel? Need a consultant to assist in the development of your business? Need a graphic designer to develop your brand and marketing materials? Your outside general counsel can provide a referral to a professional who can take care of you. I’ll keep track of these people for you to make sure they provide good service and consult with your other attorneys to provide company information and legal perspective.