• Russell Kinsey

Trademark Protection for National Expansion

Whether you are franchising your business or just looking to expand to your neighboring state, its important to obtain a federal trademark registration that will pave your way. I’ve worked with several business owners who had not received a registration despite being in business for many years, who then ran into a competitor using a similar mark in their area of expansion, or worse, find out that their expansion will infringe an existing registration. Don’t get caught down the river with a boat that belongs to someone else, talk to a trademark attorney about registering your mark today. The registration process takes a minimum of 6 months from application date to registration so don’t wait. The USPTO even allows you to pursue a registration before you begin using the mark in commerce so you can be sure that your mark is protected before you bring your product or service to market. A federal trademark registration will provide you with superior rights to all of the USA (except where a competitor already exists on your registration date) and the peace of mind to know that you are ready to expand.