• Russell Kinsey

SCOTUS rules that AERO's Interenet TV services is illegal.

Technology often presents challenges to the Copyright Act but technology lost the most recent battle. AERO provides an internet service that allows subscribers to control a digital antenna that picks up publicly broadcasted TV stations and then transmits them to the individual subscribers over the internet. The Second Circuit had previously found that the the service did not violate the Copyright Act because the service as being transmitted to individuals rather than to the public. In a 6-3 Decision, the Supreme Court overturned the lower court holding that despite the individual transmissions, the service as a whole was broadcasting to the public. In an era where public broadcasting has gone the way of the dinosaur, I would have liked to see the decision go the other way. The big networks snuff out any attempt at competition whether or not it is really impacting their bottom line but I think the business would have sorted this out without the legal decision. But don't worry, this is just the next chapter, not the end of the book.

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