Our Story

In the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis when most law firms were laying off their associates and canceling their internship programs we formed The Kinsey Law Office because we knew of so many small business owners who wanted legal assistance but didn't want to work with someone in the corporate wing of a big firm. So we began our own entrepreneurial journey by starting a law firm. 

We saw other law firms charging their clients for their big offices down town and expensive suits through exorbitant hourly fees and knew there was a better way. We saw how law firms were using hourly billing to make sure no matter what they were doing they were getting paid, and met business owners who didn't think they could afford a lawyer because they never knew how much legal services were going to cost. And because the hourly billing began when the lawyer answered the phone, most business owners didn't even want to ask about their potential legal needs. We decided to do things differently. 

At The Kinsey Law Office, we like to start with a conversation to learn about the people and business we're working with. During that conversation, we can provide quotes for any relevant legal services and timelines for their completion. That way you can determine what is best for your business and when you need it. 


The Kinsey Law Office was formed to meet the needs of unique businesses from laptop consultants to nationwide franchises. Business owners are human beings and appreciate when they get to work with other human beings. We get it because we have listened to business owners like you when they told us what they were looking for from an attorney. 

With a background in Intellectual Property Law, The Kinsey Law Office has found a unique place in the Franchise Law world. When growing your business, your brand becomes even more important and needs to be considered nationally. Thus, we are able to provide comprehensive representation for business owners looking to expand their business through franchising. 

Russell W. Kinsey