Corporate Formation


Whether you are just starting a business, making a significant change to your business or preparing to dissolve, you will need advice from a business attorney to ensure you are properly complying with the corporate formalities set up in your governing documents. Each business is different and the consultation is free so don't try to do it alone before you know the risks. 

Corporation or LLC Formation

No matter which state you are conducting business in, I can help you register your business entity with the state. I can also guide you though the process of registering a secondary business name if you would like your business to operate under something other than its corporate name. But most of all, I can help you draft an Operating Agreement that will cover the major parts of how your business will operate and will define what happens when things change down the road. I look forward to hearing about your particular business and helping you develop a system that works for you. Don't worry if you have no idea where to start. That's what I am here for. 

Non-Profit Entity

In addition to my general corporate services, my firm offers assistance in the formation of Non-profit entities. I handle the legal side of developing and filing the necessary paperwork while my wife offers consulting in the strategic management, best practices, and organizational development your organization needs to find success. Amanda Flott Kinsey has a masters degree in social service administration from the University of Chicago and has professional experience in various managerial roles. For more see her LinkedIn Page

Contract Law

One of the most basic tenants  of contract law is the integration clause, which seeks to limit the terms of the bargain to those that appear in the contract. If you are entering into any type of contract, each word that you include and even the ones you don't make a difference. You should never sign a document without first getting the advice of your own attorney. 


Whether you need a custom contract drafted to meet your business needs or simply have an important contract you are about to sign and need an attorney to review it and advise you of your rights and liabilities under the contract, I can help. I offer comprehensive contract review and drafting services at affordable flat fee prices. Contact me to discuss your needs and I will provide you with a quote based on the complexity of the contract involved. 


In addition to the review and or drafting of your contracts, I am also available to negotiate contracts on your behalf. Whether its a franchise agreement, a contract with the supplier of your goods, a contract for the exclusive use of your services or a record deal with an indie label, I will fight to ensure that you receive the protection and compensation you deserve.